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Fredrikstad-Tug Boat

Fredrikstad has been survey in Newport-Miami.
it's a Ice boat breaker made in corten steel, 10mm plating , built in 1968 by Smedvik Mek. Verksted A/S is keeping the name city where has been usde for rescue at sea and fire.

First rebuilt in 1997, with a new coach roof in light alloy for the sallon, cross the ataltic several time. A new major reffitng in 2006 in Pendennis. She has a long range of 3200miles at 8 kn.

Last owner was the Massachusetts Marine Accademy , solded by Fraser Yacht Miami, delivered in Italy by Dowckwise International has been refitted in Tecnomar with our help

Now sailing in Greece from summer 2012

Fredrikstad  alt

alt  alt


CS&RB Total Refitting, after 4th round world-Italy time:5 months

The CS&RB is a boat born for the first Whitbread. The original boat was a ketch and after the race a yard called nordcantiery chage the deck and start the production as Koala 50. In this refitt we have done new interior, a GRP portion of side (broken from a cradle jum in New Caledonia for a Typhon) , new mast support, new tanks, osmosis treatment and new system. The boat is now in Canarians Island.



Grand Soleil 52 New bottom- Punta Ala-time:2 months

After a hit with the kel at 7 knots, the bottom was belaminated. Another problem was that the bottom was dry of fuel, since in the past the loose more then 350 liter of fuel in the bilge, leaving it for long time. All made new.


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