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Yacht Survey

General survey

Some samples of what you can find...





Osmosi 12mm deep on 15mm hull

Keel insert Mylius 60



195 low

Front water leakage Oceanis

Hull lamination debonding on a floor (for grouding)

Interior plate corrosion Passoa 50




Keel bolt windows research Franchini 41L

Moisture check, before epoxy treatment Bonaventura 11

innermould debonding Bavaria 51

Keel repair Centurion 43/45

Water core on catamaran Lerouge 40

Aluminium hull with iron keel plate/washer
Impala 43


interior water leakage Jouet 37

metal halyard twisted around the profile

ulkhead Beneteau

Corrosion on chainplate GS

Broken chainplate GS

roken Chainplate GS


20141002 122222


Searching the single skin for the troughthull

Debonding Grand Soleil 40

Inner moulding debonded Bavaria

Baltic 2



Hull debonding Baltic 37

Balsa with water remouving Baltic 37

Grouding Grand Soleil 45

brindisi 001

Comet 45 asse


Rust leakage from keel plate-inspection and bolts check Felci Yacht

Comet 45S-rudder shaft corrosion

Floor crack and debonding Beneteau

First 21.7 comet 45 foto 1
Hull delamination First 21.7 IR Rudder  Image Comet 45S Sun Odyssey 52 deck delamination for water coming trought teak screws
image 2 IMG 0771 IMG 0898
Lost of grounding plate for corrosion after CopperCoat application Dufour 34 Spacraft mast-Spreader crack Cut hole of corroded steel plate


IMG 1300


IMG 3107

IMG 20160619 163514202
Catamaran rudder delamination Lighting Strike-hull debonding First 31.7 chainplate wrong installation
mmm 021 Oceanis distacco Perni Pogo
Jeantot Catamaran delamiantion Oceanis 523 debonding Pogo 40 S2 Keel bolt inspection



X 35 tratt antiosmosi


Scassa pogo

Lead keel Bavaria corrosion X 35 osmosi repair Pogo 40 S2 keel

Urto Alluminio

vaniavolare 576

SO51 viti nella balsa

Aluminium keel grouding Aluminium chainplate fatigue crack Wet balsa from teak screw
gs45 1 gs45 2 gs45 3
Grand Soleil 45-metal structure debonding Grand Soleil  45 ultrasound Grand Soleil 45 grid not in position
ir 0171 ir 0173  
Sangermani 30m-new and old planks Sangermani 30m- planks with high moisture  


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