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Yacht Survey

More Common Damge

  1. Sly 47-keel lost
  2. Bavaria 32 burned
  3. Bavaria 42 Match-  Keel lost
  4. Bavaria 50-Rudder blade delamination and loss
  5. Bavaria 410 Caraibic
  6. Jump from the cradle in Trieste for Bora (Strong NE wind)
  7. Cigale 16m dismasting
  8. Beachy boat burn out
  9. Luffe 44-Dismasting
  10. Grand Soleil 40- Broken chainplate rod
  11. Aria 415- Hole under engine beds for mouvment of the cradle
  12. Millenum 40-Jump from the cradle
  13. Maxi 80- Loosing only the bulb
  14. Amel 54-Dismasting
  15. Amel Super maramu-Crack on main bulkhead
  16. Privilege 67-Front Delamination
  17. Hanse 371- Dismasting and chaiplate falliure
  18. Hallberg Rassy 37- Sunk for Seacooks and troughull broken
  19. Alluminium chainplate.Fatigue crack
  20. Sunk Sciallino 34
  21.  Magra River flood
  22. Aquariva-Kevlar bottom delamination
  23. Ovni damaged agaist the dock
  24. Oceanis 411-Keel impact
  25. Sun Odyssey 40- Floors crack
  26. Atlantis 47 on reef
  27. Cradle falliure
  28. Damage for transport by ship Cabo 40
  29. Varius sunk boat and collisions


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Wrong Anchorage


Boat cradle in the hull during strong NE wind

0 023 0 279 010
Grouding Alpa 11.50 Propeller shat corrosion due to wrong electrical bonding Keel lost Dufour 40
030 040 283
Rudder debonded in Sardinia Fire on board-Dufour GT 1200 Dismasting

DSC 0336 prua a sx

058 IMGP0923
Big crack for grounding at 7Kn Z34 Fire's smoke in the engine room Amel 54 dismasting
IMG 0916 paratia 2 Repair7
Aluminium 20m yacht grounding Bavraia 32 bulkhead crack Bended keel
Timone Bav 50 WP 000622 IMG 1125
Bavaria 50 full rudder blade debonding Catana 50 collision for anchor faliure Delaminated skin area
 affmagra affondamento  affondamneto 2 
 Bocca di Magra-River  Greece-Strong wind and collision-sunk Greec-Sunk boat
 delaminazione fondo bm interni dopo affondamento 
interni dopo urto 
Aquariva-Kevlar delamination Interior after sunk-Sciallino34 Oceanis 411 after groduing
 piena del magra urto  recupero 
Bocca di Magra River Collision Saving after sunk


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