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Yacht Survey

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IMG 0383 Small

IMG 0386

Ovni 455 repair

Ovni 455 repair

Ovni 455 repair

PXR 100210 006

PXR 100210 021

PXR 100218 009

Passoa 50 with corrosion from lead

Lead remouve

Full bottom rebuilding

2012 apr Condizioni Prua 01 003 Water in alu port Napoleon
High corrosion under stainless steel plate Grounding in Polinesia, repair in Genoa Husiman 40m Corrosion for fresh water enetered in the keel from the bilge
2013 09 22 10.53.34 P7290222 Cassiopee Survey 10
Ovni bump-Trinidad Another Ovni bump (dock collision for ferry wave)-Greece Ovni 385 on the rock
Pagina39 IMG OBJ7 0 119  
Ovni 385 going to repair the side and bow Corrosion Hole-Germany New bow after collision


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