AKA is the stepsister of ALUAKA, born with the same construction iter just after one year. Same philosophy, different design.

The hull is a prooved Bestevaer 56, Gerad Dykstra (Daikstra pronounced), made by K&M in about 8 months. We follow the construction visiting the yard every month more or less. Full 7mm aluminium hull with a nice defender.

The interior layout is for a young couple with several year of cruising life. A massive £D work has been done to get the correct aesthetic and use al the space. In the end only the toilet has been move in the front sail locker.

AKA is one of the most beautiful boat in the Med, elegance and new classic with a carbon mast of 21m and a retractable carbo-bowsprit. The performance are very good for cruising and the sails are moderate for two person. Extra power can be obtained by the two 1600ltr ballast. Engine power is only 75hp with saildrive, due to the moderate displacement of 18T.


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