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First of all guys the news will be only in English from now.

I didn’t update the web site from September because we had several project on the way.

An explorer motor Vessel Darwin 86 N°3 for Cantiere delle Marche. I will responsible for the owner for the construction in Ancona. A huge three decks 26m steel and aluminum.


A Stadtship 54AC built by K&M Holland, now for interior joinery in Zuanelli yard, near Brescia. We are busy in design, modifications, plumbing and installation too. This boat will be a new house for a Family that will cruise all the Oceans.

A Bestevaer 56 like Anna and Tranquillo, built by K&M (Kooi Makkum yachtbuilder) which I will survey during next months in Holland. We are designing the interior layout. The owner is an old customer of mine and an experienced sailor. The boat will probably sail to Alaska. Here below the customer looking to the famous design Bestevaer II by Gerard Dykstra

A new blog will start asap for aluminum yacht construction,  to give more answer to the  continues FAQ we receive.


We will be in the CONTROVENTO SAIL CLUB in Brescia, Via Berardo Maggi on March 21 at 9PM for a conference regarding HOW IT’S BUILT YOUR BOAT, What you have to look when your are going to buy a yacht?


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